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Review: Specialized Captain Control 2Bliss 2.20

Specialized tubeless CaptainI found Ned Overend’s Captain Control by chance when my Roll X blew a sidewall. The Specialized tire guarantee pulled through and I exchanged the Roll X for a brand new Captain Control.

November 25th, 2008 was my first ride with the Captain out on DC West up the Goat, “I’ll give a proper review for the Captain later, but for now, all I can say is this tire sticks to the trail like no other front tire I have owned.”

This is one tire I can fully endorse as a front tire for desert riders in all conditions. Until the last day the Captain spun at the helm of my ship, it still railed corners like the day it was brand new. The dual compound let the tire roll through the straights and rail around the corners.

Whether I am casually riding or teching it up, the Captain kept me glued to the trail. Once when I was cornering a steep technical down into a wash at Pass Mountain, I found myself riding into a deep granite rut. The Captain led me ride right out of the rut without slipping in. I was amazed. Over and over again the Captain saved my face from kissing dirt.

Finally after 577 desert miles and seven months of riding, the captain developed a sidewall tear. Initially the Slime Pro sealed up the weakening sidewall and I still put a few more miles on it (I have been using Slime Pro in this tire on the front since it was new.) But I finally decided to retire the Captain after a worthy bout sailing the Arizona singletrack.

I confidently recommend Ned’s Captain Control for desert riding. Slap a Captain on the front and Larsen TT or a WTB Wolverine on the rear and you’ve got yourself the perfect AZ set up.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Specialized Captain Control 2Bliss 2.20

  • Thanks for sending in your comments Bill. Always good to hear other riders experiences with gear. So you’re saying I was pretty lucky to get 500 plus miles out of my Captains before the sidewall blew? Maybe the sidewall on the 29 Captain Control is thinner than the 26?

    I gave these tires some seriously rocky conditions and they held for me. I’d still buy them again.

    I’ve heard great things about Geax. I don’t mind heavier tires, I’m only a buck fifty so I can afford to beef up. I’ll have to pick some up. Thanks for your review. Enjoy that Command post. They sure are sweet.

  • Sidewall tears will be pretty standard with most of your Specialized tires since they seem to want to go light, light, light. I have finally given up on their 2Bliss tires due to their inability to hold up to trail conditions in Utah and Colorado. Trying some Geax, heavier, but stronger sidewalls.

    I also had a couple Specialized Captains blow off rims when running them tubeless. My first major disappointment with Specialized.

    I ride a Specialized 29er, with their Command Seat Post which just arrived back from receiving warranty work.


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