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South Mountain

South Mountain Stroll

South Mountain Medley at EveryTrail

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Pima fireroad to Ridgeline >> East Loop >> Javelina >> Mormon Loop >> National >> junction with Old Man >>back down National proper.

This morning I went on a little stroll through South Mountain. Temps moderate with the sweet cloud coverage. I started out with the goal of riding the Ridgeline Trail to the East Loop around to Javelina. After climbing Javalina, I’d see how I felt. By the time I got to the top of Javelina I was feeling the need to climb so I set out up Mormon Loop. Legs kept going and I ended up at the top of National.

On the way up, I took a nasty spill off the back of my bike. A reverse endo that slammed my lower back right into a rock. I’m glad no one saw it, cuz I was crying like a baby as I tried to walk it off. I ended up riding it off and finished the climb up National. Weakened, beat and sketching I made it down Natty safely.

It was my first time on a hardtail down National in about 4 years. What a difference suspension makes. While it was refreshing to get intimate with the mountain again, my back is telling me the intimacy is overrated.