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Desert Classic Early Morning Feast

Yesterday morning I met up with Harry and Kevin to burn through a little DC. It’s still cool enough in the wee hours of the day to get a couple hours in without it feeling like summer. This was my only shot at a ride this week so when Harry invited me I took it (even though it meant I had to get up at 3:58 to get there).

Harry is the owner of the Mountain Bike Phoenix Facebook group where he organizes rides for all skill levels. He’s also blogging at Active Spide.

It was a great to ride with these two from “Team 29er” Kevin on a Hei Hei and Harry on a Sultan. We were all about the same endurance level, Harry a bit more fit than I. Kevin was taking it easy (20 miles in from a Sunday ride at BCT plus recovering from a spill down National). His “taking it easy” was the same as my hammering.

It’s great to ride at pace, especially following someone who doesn’t stop to take breaks. Riding solo, I find myself drifting, losing focus on the push and just letting the flow take control of the ride. Not yesterday. If I didn’t keep pushing the pedals hard, Harry got too far ahead…

Needless to say I didn’t get many pictures from the trail, but at least I got a solid workout. Thanks for the ride guys.

water tank


Since I’ve used my free 10 rides on motionbased I’m looking for another web based mapping tool that’s free and offers unlimited ride uploads. Not sure if I like MapMyRide. Too much going on in there…

5 thoughts on “Desert Classic Early Morning Feast

  • Glad my website could help you out. Thanks for the link to the plugin. Good luck on your Nomadic Journey. Sounds like some serious fun.

  • Hey, thanks for all the great maps around this area. We are in Phoenix for work and have found your website extremely helpful to find places to ride.

    As for the GPS trail uploads. I use the XML Google Maps Plugin to manage my GPS maps now.

    I also used up my 10 free motion base maps.

    Check it out on my blog and see if this helps~

    – JacQ

  • Thanks for the links. Cool sites to check out indeed.

  • Matt Freed

    Trail Guru works well

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