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Varsity Scout Triathlon, Pima AZ

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So what’s a Varsity Scout triathlon? No, it’s not rock throwing, followed by capture the flag, and then setting things on fire…although scouts would be real good at all of those. The varsity triathlon in Pima is a typical triathlon where Scouts from all over Arizona (and their old leaders) try to swim, bike and run faster than each other.

It’s geared towards the youth, so it’s not as long as a sprint; only 75 meters in the water (cold, cold, cold, water might I add) about 6 miles on the bike and a full 2 mile run. This year our troop had 10 scouts and 4 leaders out there among the 800 plus participants. CEP Timing chip timed us this year.

I only had one event on the line with the scouts. There’s no way they could touch me on the bike, so I threw out a challenge on the swim. Beat me out of the water and get a 12-pack of Barq’s. I thought I had it made since I beat them all last year…but this year 2 of my boys were actually really good swimmers and rocked it. I owe them Barq’s.

The trash talk amongst the leaders was another story… I talked up the most trash but ended up the one with the stink. My roadie buddy beat me on the bike (only by seconds) and killed me on the run. I bested him on the swim and the transitions, but he beat me by 98 seconds and rightly deserved it. So here it is: I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good looking. I’m not very attractive.

I learned my lesson. From now on I’ll only talk trash when it’s ping pong. Hey Chris, it’s not the paddle…it’s the mountain biker that SLAMS the paddle… bring it.

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  • Great post!!! I’m glad you finally mustered up the strength to admit you were beat. Instead of ping pong, how about another triathlon…I seem to do better in those.

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