Arizona Mountain Biking
South Mountain

Classic Desert for Lunch

Wednesday I had lunch on Desert Classic: It consisted of a Power Bar Berry Blast Fruit Smoothie, Cherry Kool Aid and 14 miles of dessert. Kool Aid’s not your traditional performance hydration choice, but when I’m thirsty on the trail all I have to do is yell out Hey Kool Aid and you know what happens next…

It’s been almost one year to the day since I rode Desert Classic last. Why don’t I ride it more often? This year was the year of exploration. I spent my time in the San Tans (no return on my investment) the Goldfields (very profitable…I need to post up my maps of the primitive singletrack up there) and the base of the Superstitions on Lost Goldmine.

Back on Desert Classic it felt like I was riding it for the first time. See, I was on my singlespeed. The trail takes on new character with only one speed to propel me in-n-out, up and down over and under. I still have yet to complete the entire out-n-back. I ran out of time (again) but I got a couple miles past the Corona Loma jct this time. I was surprised how the tech steps up a notch in places way back there. I’ll have to try riding DC backwards from the Telegraph TH to Pima. Throw in the climb up National to telegraph and it sounds like a Double Double animal style.