Review: SockGuy Socks

I scored a pair of SockGuy EliteTech no show socks at Interbike this year. Thanks to Ken at the SockGuy booth. SockGuy is one of the most recognized brands in the sport sock business.

I didn’t start wearing official bike socks on rides until Interbike last year when I picked up a pair of SockGuy Garmin socks at the Garmin Booth. Before then, I didn’t think special socks for riding was really necessary. It was probably that I didn’t want to shell out ten bucks for one pair of socks when I already have a drawer full of them.

I was wrong. I love bike socks now. I like to wear them even when I’m not riding. For one they look cool. For two they are ten times more comfy than your standard socks, and for three, they make it so at a moments notice I can strap on my shoes and be riding in a jiffy. That’s worth ten bucks right there.

Having worn the SockGuy Garmin 1″ socks for over 600 miles, I can say that my feet love them, and they are still in great shape. Not one complaint.

Testing out the new Elite-Tech has been very enjoyable. The Elite-Tech is so vvvvery comfortable. They are built for the “serious athlete” so I have no business wearing them. The Cool Comfort Formula actually is cool, in every essence of the word. Riding in the heat of AZ (yes, it still hot here even in October), I can really feel the coolness difference. My only gripe about these is the no-show style. With the elasticity so low on my ankle, there is a little gap that is wide open for sand to creep in. And creep in it does, especially if I am walking through a wash, which I often do. Even if I ride the wash, the sand kicks up in there. I’ve never had a sand problem with 1″ or higher.

A biker can never have too many socks. Birthdays are always around the corner. Surprise your friends with the gift of sock this year. Christmas is coming up, and what better stocking stuffer than SockGuy? Zappos has free shipping.

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2 thoughts on “Review: SockGuy Socks

  • November 11, 2008 at 11:08 am

    Thanks for the comment chris. I can see how they would be awesome socks for road riding. Light and comfortable. If I ever venture out on the road, you can bet I’ll be wearing my Elite Techs. I’ll have to borrow my neighbor’s bike though…

  • November 11, 2008 at 10:59 am

    I wore a pair of EliteTech on the road and was very impressed. They were very comfortable and made my ride that much better. I would definitely recommend these socks for the road.

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