Arizona Mountain Biking

Weekend on the Rim

While the racers were out at the Tour of the White Mountains preparing for an Epic ride… I hit up a few classics on the Rim.

Willow Springs Lake is awesome this time of year. I’ve never seen a soul on the trail in all the times I’ve ridden it. Instead of the full loop option I rode counterclockwise from the 237 TH around the doubletrack to the singletrack that skirts the lake. Over the years this section of trail has gotten better and better. When I got to the end of the singletrack instead of climbing up the doubletrack that parallels the 260 and takes you back to the 237 I turned around and rode the singletrack back. This out-n-back option doubles the singletrack is is truly awesome in both directions.

Next day my bro-in-law and I set out for the Highline 260 TH to See Canyon. I’d heard that the trail was in bad shape, but we hit it up anyway. I hereby declare that the 260 to See is in great shape. Only two downed trees, and three sections of trail washed out from the heavy rains this year. But that was not enough to slow us down. The drop from the Drew junction is still supremely awesome. The roots and rocks come together creating a sweet technical downhill that had us hollering all the way down. I’ve been riding this trail for years. I agree it could use some trail work, especially on the washed out spots, but if you like challenges on the trail this one is full of them.

I stopped by Hike, Bike and Run on my way up to the rim and talked with Mick the shop owner. He said that there are miles and miles of singletrack up on the rim that are just waiting for riders. He said something about a Cabin Loop trail system that hooks up a few trails including a portion of the AZ Trail. That’s something I’m looking into for my next ride on the rim. Any one heard about or ridden the Cabin loop? Do share.