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Interbike 2008

Review: Niner RIP 9

From Interbike Outdoor Demo Day Two

I loved this bike. It was my last ride of the Outdoor Demo. I couldn’t have finished the day on a better bike. I ripped the RIP 9 down Girl Scout with the VholdR helmet cam taking it all in. This was probably my sixth or seventh time down Girl Scout, but my first on a 29er.

Talk about rolling through anything. The lower section of Girl Scout has the most tech and riding the RIP 9 was like Moses parting the red sea. It was fast, tight, responsive. Probably the first time on a 29er where I couldn’t feel that slightly odd, this bike feels weird, 29er thing. It all felt smooth.

I didn’t think I’d be a fan of a 29 inch trail bike, I figured 29ers should be reserved for singlespeed hardtails. But the 4 and a half inches of plushness the CVAâ„¢ suspension system dishes out sure flattens the hills and makes for a sweet ride.

Guitar Ted’s take on trends in the 29er world including the Niner R.I.P. 9