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Out in the Goldfield Mountains this morning for my second exploratory ride. I had a decent camera this time and managed to get a few teasers.

I am very impressed with this remote trail system. There’s a little bit of everything…If you can manage the maze of jeep roads out there you’ll find some doubletrack and virtually virgin singletrack tucked away. I heard the motos and quads out there but didn’t see a soul on the singletrack. If you like adventure and have a hankering for some fresh new trail, the Goldfields await you.

I’ve got enough gps track to make a mountain bikers’ map of one section of the area. I’ll be posting that soon…or maybe not… holiday weekend and not a soul on the trail with me? Might be fun to keep it that way for a while :)

4 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Views

  • Any updates on the Goldfields…have you been out there again or been able to make a map of the area?

  • I’d better get working on posting info on the Goldfields. The singletrack I’ve found is buried between the 1356 and Packsaddle road. There’s even more out there East of Packsaddle, I just haven’t ridden it yet. Check back soon.

  • I hit the goldfield trails this afternoon but I didn’t have any real luck finding any singletrack. Most of what I encountered was just the truck roads, which were pretty rocky (almost went OTB on one downhill rut). I took trail FR10 down a couple miles and ended up at some aluminum shed. It looked pretty rocky from there on out so I just decided to head back to see if I missed anything. On the way back I ended up taking an equestrian trail back to my car, this was the closest I found to singletrack but it was way too loose and somewhat sandy. If you do have mountain bikers map of the area, I’d love to see it. This place seems like it can have a lot of potential if you can get off the jeep roads and equestrian trails.

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