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5 thoughts on “Fields of Gold

  • Trevor Caffall

    Thanks, I must have been looking at the wrong link.

  • Trevor Caffall

    I work at the glass building on Idaho and Apache Trail, It seems like months now I have been waiting for your review. I need a good lunch time trial ride and this is only a five minute bike ride from the office. I would love if you could post a trail map or even email me some directions.
    Livin the dream

  • Scott,

    I just got back from the Goldfields this morning too. I explored the singletrack system east FR 10. I haven’t ventured out to the west yet. I’d like to find a trail that makes its way to Pass Mountain.

    The east trails are pretty solid singletrack. Rough in spots and primitive in spots but all rideable with only a little hike-a-bike. I have never heard of anyone else biking the Goldfields, just hiking them.

    I’ll be posting up trail info for the area pretty soon. I’d be happy to show you around too. I’ll email you.

  • Scott C

    I went and checked out these trails today. I’m not sure I found them though. The trials I was riding looked like they hadn’t been riden in months and were really washed out. There is definitely some serious potential in them though.

    The trails i found were all on the west side of the main rode. Can anyone tell me where exactly they are? Or anyone want to show me around them sometime?
    Shoot me an email if you have any advice.

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