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Upper Hawes Trail

I rode Hawes this week for my early morning ride. I set out on a loop I’ve never ridden before…I thought I’d ridden Hawes every which way but loose, but come to find out, there’s more to Hawes than meets the eye… There’s a section of singletrack east of Hawes proper that cuts south and traverses along the east mountains. It’s cut pretty high on the mountain and is loaded with steep pitches and switchbacks.

They call it Upper Hawes. I found it while searching Motion Based and came across whitefish’s tracks from 2006.

Upper Hawes has been around for more than 3 years now. There was an MTBR thread about the new trail back then…What I’m asking myself is where have I been the past three years?

I started at Walgreens (which I’ve never done before either) and rode the cool trail that runs parallel Power just to the East (I’m sure it has a name, I just don’t know it). It makes for a nice warm up and even has one short steep climb to spice it up. I opted for a climb fest and rode the Ridge trail to Granite, up the Mine Trail to Saddleback to Hawes. East up Hawes is a nice climb in itself, then tack on this “new” upper section and you’ve got a workout, Total of 4000 feet of climbing.

Next time I’ll ride it CCW from the new TH or loop into it from the Diamond Point access. This addition to the system is a gem. There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but now there are 101 ways to ride Hawes.

Hawes Climb Loop

2 thoughts on “Upper Hawes Trail

  • Thanks for filling me in on the correct name. I feel so local now :)

  • its called Tower Trail by the locals, and has been a local secret for a few years. Now let us never speak of this again :-)

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