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Sonoran Preserve on the Brain

sonoran preserve map

A local rider and reader of my blog named Dave sent me his hand drawn map of the trails inside the Sonoran Preserve. Maps like this are cool. They represent someone with passion, who creates a work of art. That’s what maps are to me. Art meets adventure. It’s so much more than just how to get from here to there. It’s all the visualization – imagination or memories that go through my mind as I picture riding the lines…

He sent it to me because I don’t have much info on my site about these trails. Which is sadly all too true. All I’ve ridden in the Sonoran Preserve are Sunrise, Lost Dog, and Ringtail. And I only rode those because I was already in Scottsdale for something else… Living in the Southeast Valley I’m closer to Casa Grande than the preserve. I bet I’m even closer to Tucson than Cave Creek.

I love to read on the MTBR forum of all the studs who ride the quadruple bypass epic… this winter I declare that I will finish the the quadruple bypass or bonk trying. So next time u2metoo chollaball and waltaz get together with the rest of the gang to ride the infamous quad, invite me to feast on your dust. I’d love to give it a go.

Ride Report from Quad Bypass Jan 2009