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I get a kick out of viewing my webstats day to day to see who’s visiting my site. It makes me feel really good when I see stats like this from a visitor today:

Continent: North America
Country: United States
State: Maine
City: Sanford
Visit Length: 32 minutes 31 seconds
Page Views: 32

So someone in Maine did a search for gilbert, mtb trails and hit my site, then spent over a half an hour devouring over 30 pages of trail info.

This is the reason I started to write about the trails in Arizona. For that person in Maine, who is most likely visiting Gilbert soon and wanted to see what kind of riding is to be had.

In March I got an email from a rider in Chicago who had been using my site to plan his MTB trip Phoenix. He thanked me for all the info I’d posted and asked for some personalized trail suggestions to suit his skill and pace levels.

Thanks to all you out-of-state and international mountain bikers who make my day by visiting (and thanks to all the locals who visit regularly too). Keep on riding.

3 thoughts on “Webstats

  • As your Chicago reader I would like to say thank you again – my wife, our friend, and I had a fantastic few days on the trails out there and we can’t wait to ride out there again! Your suggestions were fantastic and really helped make the trip one to remember.

  • Thanks for the compliments Carlos. I’m glad you enjoy the site. A steel HT feels oh so good on the Arizona rocks. I rode my 1995 GT Karakoram on the desert trails my first year in Arizona. It was awesome.

  • Definitely don’t forget us locals. Your site is an amazing resource. I live minutes from the 24th St entrance to Mormon Trail in South Mountain and thoroughly enjoy your writings about it, Javelina and other trails.

    I mostly hike since my bike (an ’08 HT Marin Muirwoods) is built/configured more for commuting than taking on Mormon Trail but I may still take her on there just to see what a steel HT and AZ rocks feels like :-).

    Keep up the great work and have confidence that it is and will be appreciated.

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