Review: 2008 Trek Fuel EX9

This bike is my baby. I own the 2006 edition of the Fuel EX9. The new features of the 2008 model – the Active Braking Pivot (ABP), Full Floater, and EVO Link – offer a huge step-up in performance.

My 2006 EX9 is a medium size 17.5 inch, but I demoed the new 18.5 size because it’s all they had available (Trek was a popular booth both days at Interbike.) This new size is perfect for me. The geometry has changed quite a bit since 2006. I only got a few good turns and drops in on the 2008 EX9, but it was enough to keep me smiling. I didn’t want to spend all my time on Trek at Interbike since the Ride the Best Tour will be in Phoenix next month and I can ride to my hearts content at South Mountain.

For what I rode, I really enjoyed the new technology. Trail 3 was a short spot of twisted burmed downhill, so I really got to feel the ABP technology in action. It felt smooth around every corner, every bump, every rock. I got the most out of the suspension. It felt like my 2006 Fuel on suspension steroids. No complaints at all. I wish Trek would take trade-ins.

I’ll give the EX9 another spin in a few weeks and write up a more detailed report. Maybe the new Remedy they unveiled at Interbike will be at the demo?? I’d like to see how it handles riding down Mormon, Geronimo or Holbert. Till then.

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