Review: Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC70

by RicoSuave on October 2, 2007

This was by far my favorite bike that I demo’ed at Interbike. The 2008 model hasn’t been updated on their website but I don’t think there are too many differences between this year and last years models. I had no problems adjusting to the feel or geometry of this bike. It was just like butter. The more I rode it the more I loved it and I truly did not want to return the bike or test ride any others.

The bike climbed smooth and even though it is not a true cross country bike I found myself longing to take it climbing. Mostly I stayed to some downhill technical trails and was amazed as I flowed through rugged sections of trail with little more than minimal effort. Because of the performance of the ride I oozed confidence and didn’t back down from highly technical sections of trail that normally might have tested my limits. I think I have found my next bicycle to purchase. This bicycle would best meet the rider who wants all around bliss being able to handle some big time downhill and still allow for climbing ability.

Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC70  

Slayer 70

Slayer 70

Slayer 70

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