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Meeting Mike and the Bike at Interbike

Mike and Mike

While at Interbike 2006 I stopped by the Mike and the Bike booth and took this photo with Mike Ward, author of Mike and the Bike. The children’s book is one awesome read. My wife recently gave it to me for my birthday and I read it to my kids. It’s a story about Mike and all the places he goes on his bike…. My kids favorite part is when Mike wears his helmet to bed. My favorite part is how Mike takes such good care of his bike and cleans it after every ride.

Mike Ward was at Interbike promoting his next book, “Lucille the Wheel” due out next year. For anyone that has kids, Mike and the Bike is an excellent choice in reading. Illustrated by Bob Thompson, a foreward by Lance Armstrong and a CD that includes a narration by Phil Ligget, as well as seven original songs by Tennesse and Mike Ward, Mike and the Bike is a book all cyclists, young and old will enjoy.

If that’s not enough, a percentage of the proceeds of the book are donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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  • Hi My dads name is mike and he loves cycling. i was wondering if you knew where i could find a mike and the bike jersey like the one in the picture behind u.

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