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Review: 2006 CamelBak H.A.W.G

CamelBak HAWGThe latest addition to my mountain biking gear…My wife really knows how to pick birthday gifts. I’ve been using a 1997 HAWG since, well, 1997 when I got it for Christmas. Since then it has endured the thousands of miles I’ve ridden, hiked and skied. I’ve only had to replace two things in nearly a decade – the bite valve and the chest clip. Both lost in crashes on the trail.

The 2006 HAWG is awesome. Nearly double the capacity for gear as the earlier model. The 916 cubic inches will come in real handy on those 50 plus milers I’ve got planned. Even though it is much bigger than the 1997 model, it still feels small on my bak. CamelBak has come along way since the 90s. The Dynamic Suspension Harness keeps the HAWG stable on my back…no more bouncing around side to side. The Air Director back panel really does keep my back cool, in Arizona a cool back is a dream come true. My favorite feature – the iPod pocket, it’s a solo pocket with a soft inner that protects your MP3 player of choice from the elements not to mention everyting else in the CamelBak.

The price tag hasn’t changes a bit. $100 then and $100 now. I’ve seen the HAWG at Sportsman’s Warehouse for $89.00 as well as PricePoint for the same. My wife shopped at REI, (she even used my membership number to get the dividend, Sweet.)

My simple review- the HAWG rules.